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Trognée E. / Etudes for Trumpet

Trognée E. / Etudes for Trumpet

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15 Etüden für Musikstudenten.

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Emil Trognée was born in 1868. He originated from Belgium, where he studied at the Brussels conservatoire. Having won the all-Europe competition, he was engaged by the Mariinsky Theatre orchestra, where he served as the so from 1902 to 1907. The period of 1911-1917 was marked by his educational activity beginning. During the period of 1928- 1941 Trognée worked as the teacher of the Leningrad Rimsky-Korsakov music college. Trognée carried on bis concert activity. Also as the soloist. He composed series of pieces for trumpet and cornet, among which there is the Fantasy and etudes, dedicated to his friend, professor M. I. Tabakov. lt was in 1942, wben Trognée passed away in blockade Leningrad, the City on the Neva-river, cohere bis brilliant career began.
Boris Chakanov (translated by Asya Ardova)