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Okunev G. / Sonatina for trumpet and piano

Okunev G. / Sonatina for trumpet and piano

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in drei Sätzen: I Satz – Andantino recitativo, II Satz – Allegretto, III Satz – Allegro
Zeitgenössische Musik für versierten Trompeter. DIN A4 Klavierpart 15 Seiten, Trompetenpart 4 Seiten

10 vorrätig

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German Okunev was the pupil of Dmitri Shostakovich. The Sonatina for trumpet and piano by German Grigoriyevich Okunev (1931-1973) was composed in 1961. This brilliant concert piece of art may be doubt referred to the most distinguished modern works. Three movements of the sonatina make for the mostly ample revelation of such soloing trumpet’s abilities as the articulation, timbre and rhythmical sphere. The whole structure of the piece can be compared to the Sixth string quartet by B. Bartok, its prototype, i. e. one movement with dynamics growing through. Movement I (Andantino recitativo) – vivid dramatic recitative of the trumpet. Its melodie sphere impresses by the emotional affusions. Free metro rhythmical structure combines both diatonicism and chromaticism with most subtle gradations. Movement II (Allegretto) is the tenderest cantilena con sordino, the two-part texture with the leading part of the soloing instrument. Movement III (Allegro) is the scherzo stained in Jazz tones with the elements of improvisation, striking by forceful and mighty dynamical outburst. The three part texture passes to polyphony, completing the finale, the brilliant masterly music.